Yvonne StaffordOne constant during my life has been my natural inclination to take “the road less traveled”.

This road has led me to many parts of this country, and beyond, researching and studying with the best healers and teachers in what is known as the holistic health field. From healers and healing retreats, I came to understand and experience the energetic aspect of food and its intimate connection with the mind and spirit in a whole new way, that truly empowered and changed my life. I was truly blessed with fresh ideas, techniques, and plans of action. It is a great pleasure for me to share with you the many wonderful things that I have learned and experienced that have deepened and expanded my enjoyment of life. Some of these teachers have handed me certificates of completion and university degrees of higher learning, but best of all the study and “walking the talk” has culminated in my thesis: From Fast Foods to Slow Foods: How to Wake up Laughing, my homegrown PhD, my ministry, my gift, my calling.